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Darly's Trip To The Moon - Hardcover

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5...4...3...2...1...BLAST OFF! Climb on board Darly's spaceship and join her as she sets off on her latest adventure - to the moon! As she's playing outside in her backyard, curiosity strikes and Darly sets off to uncover the answer to one of life's biggest questions - is the moon really made of cheese? With her trusty toy mouse by her side, she soars past the stars and makes it to Mars, discovering exciting new places and unfamiliar creatures along the way. Darly's Trip To The Moon takes your child on a journey that's out of this world by showing them that when you dream big, there's no telling how far - or where - you'll go.

Trip to the Moon Adventure Giveback:

5% of all profits from Darly's Trip to the Moon goes to Adele's Over The Rainbow BasketsProviding comfort and joy to families who have a baby born with Down syndrome in the Calgary and Red Deer areas. Adele's Baskets aim to raise awareness and provide families with the necessary resources on Down syndrome prenatally through to the first years of life.